Andrew Turnbull

Andrew Turnbull


A digital native and constant explorer, Andrew is as comfortable working with the web as he is on a backcountry trail. And with four years experience at a leading digital marketing agency, Andrew deftly combines research and user experience paradigms with the digital IQ and insight of somebody who has grown up with technology.

Outside the office you might find Andrew developing an idea for a new iPhone app, backpacking in the Rockies, or — if it’s winter, hunting for fresh powder.

Based in Calgary, Alberta; Andrew is a dedicated Flames fan, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a photography enthusiast.

Skills & Experience

Andrew is a strategist at Critical Mass, a leading digital marketing agency, and a part-time programmer who is interested in building products for the web.

Digital Strategy

Experience with strategic roadmaps, competitive research, and brand audits.

UX Design

Practitioner of user-centric design patterns to improve usability and increase customer satisfaction.

Web Development

Familiar with front-end development tools including HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, and Wordpress.

Mobile Prototyping

Capable of building functional prototypes for iOS with the Swift programming language.


Always available for a chat or coffee. Get in touch with an email, or a tweet.