Andrew Turnbull is a digital strategist and user experience designer with close to six years work experience. Currently Senior UX Architect at Evans Hunt. Formerly Critical Mass.

Recent Projects

Calgary Economic Development

Site Redesign

Site redesign with rich landing pages highlighting Calgary's energy, plus tools to share information from CED's extensive research library.


Customer Personas

Archetypes and design personas for a broad range of customer types, from small business and web pros to beginners and hobbyists.

Nissan LEAF

LEAF Owner Q&A

Online Q&A with Nissan LEAF owners. The project involved social outreach, community management, customer interviews, and video production.

Additional Projects



A free, real-time conversation app for iPhone. Key features include automated matchmaking, decaying chat rooms, and leaderboards.

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

A companion app for novice and amateur hunters. The app lets users explore the calls, tracks, and habits of their favourite game animals.



Concepting for a social cocktail app with a unique user experience. Create and share your personal recipes with style.