Every designer understands the importance of whitespace in their work product, but what about in their work life? We all know how whitespace can improve a design, so maybe it can help bring balance to our workday, too.

Mental Whitespace

I've noticed that some of my best ideas come when I'm not looking for them — like during a coffee break, or when I'm driving (or biking!) home from the office. It makes me wonder about the role of mental whitespace in creating the conditions for a creative breakthrough.

One thing I've started to do differently, is, when I find that I'm in a creative rut, I try to put some distance between myself and the problem. I'll take a walk around the block, or cycle through the neighbourhood, just to get some space and clear my head.

Sometimes the pressure of the workplace means we don't give our minds the breaks they need. We feel obligated to be seen in the office or at our desk, and instead of taking a break that might help our minds recharge, we end up browsing Facebook (and overloading our minds even more).

Maybe if we gave ourselves the freedom to vacate the office, we'd find it also frees us to produce even better work. At the very least, it might make us happier — also a recipe for great work.