The modern workplace is obsessed with meeting rooms — how many there are, what they look like, and who gets to book them. But what if there was another solution? What if we could collaborate without having to fight over room bookings?

Life Without Meeting Rooms

I've always wanted to work at an office that embraces the idea of walking meetings. I think it would be a friendlier, more productive place. But in most office environments, there are significant hurdles to overcome. To make walking meetings work, we need to work together.

So, what would it look like if we all gave up on booking rooms, and went for a stroll instead?

For one, we'd be happier and healthier. Getting up for the occasional meeting would go a long way to combat the unhealthy effects of sitting all day — not to mention our waistlines.

We'd probably feel less stressed too. There's nothing like fresh air to help reduce mental fatigue.

And is it possible that we might be more productive? Without having to schedule an hour for every meeting (because that's the default when you need to book a room), meeting length could better adapt to the needs of the participants. That extra time could be put to good use actually doing the work.

Who knows, by breaking from the daily routine, we might even start looking forward to meetings!

A Step in the Right Direction

Now, obviously there are some scenarios where meeting rooms just make sense, like when we need a screen to share our work, or a conference line to support a remote co-worker. And getting large groups of people together almost always requires some kind of conference room.

But there is merit to the idea of simply walking, and talking, and solving problems. To me, it almost seems like a no brainer — who wouldn't want to incorporate more walking meetings in their daily routine?

If we were robots, we'd have no problem sitting at our desk or in the boardroom twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. But we're not. We need rest, and environmental stimulation, especially when we're busy and/or stressed. And that's why I think we need to push to incorprate more walking breaks in our day — because they'd help us perform even better. By combining a mental break with productive conversation, we can have the best of both worlds.

It Takes Two (or more)

So, what do you think? Have I inspired you to rethink your next meeting? Give it a shot — the results might surprise you. 🙂